Ray Grand produces several types of emblems, twill, screen printed, screen printed chenille, chenille and embroidered chenille. Screen printing emblems are typically the least expensive and consists of screen printing an images onto our twill fabric primarily used on uniforms, nylon jackets or as a promotional item.

Screen printing Chenille emblems are an inexpensive way to get a classy look. This emblem incorporates all details to be screen printed onto a piece of felt and then open areas are filled with chenille yarn. This type of emblem is recommended for nylon jackets and other types of award jackets that do not require dry cleaning.

Embroidered Chenille emblems are the top of the line for award jackets. The emblem consists of all detail and lettering to be an embroidered onto felt and then all open areas filled with chenille. This is an excellent choice for wool jackets or other jackets that require dry cleaning.

Embroidered emblems are the top of the line emblem where all the detail and lettering is embroidered onto twill fabric. They are both dry cleanable and machine washable and will outlast most other types of emblems. This type of emblem is very universal and can be used for many applications including corporate identification, cresting for uniforms and also a promotional item.

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